NOAA in the Pacific Islands: Sunset on the Beach and the Great Hawaiian Folklife Festival (Day 1)

March 24, 2007 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii
Beachgoers enjoy the sunset at the Great Hawaiian Folklife Festival.

Aloha! Today NOAA celebrated Hawaiian culture and its important role in preserving natural resources by participating in the Great Hawaiian Folklife Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. The NOAA booths at the festival featured information on NOAA’s involvement in the Pacific Islands, games, and other activities that attracted over 700 people. NOAA employees and volunteers eagerly greeted the public and shared NOAA’s story.

Later, across the street on the shores of Waikiki, the Sunset on the Beach event was just getting started. NOAA, in partnership with the Waikiki Improvement Association, co-sponsored this outdoor family event featuring the movie, The Little Mermaid. Keiki lined up in numbers at the NOAA booth to participate in games and activities led by local girl scout troops who braved the warm weather and adorned sea creature costumes. The wheel of fortune game, memory game, and hat making were particular favorites of the passers-by.

Chris Chung distributes educational materials to some young visitors from Alaska.

As the crowd thickened, focus turned to center stage where local Hawaiian artists, Kaukahi and Makana, performed their unique sounds. After the sun set, Mayor Mufi Hanneman, the Mayor of Honolulu, introduced Rear Admiral Sam De Bow who spoke to a crowd of over 4,000 people, explaining the importance of NOAA’s mission and service to the Pacific Islands. Admiral De Bow, along with Naomi McIntosh of the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, then presented awards to NOAA partners and volunteers.

A local Girl Scout from Honolulu fits a youngster for a NOAA 200th seal hat.

By the end of the evening, it was clear that such an event took a tremendous amount of thought, planning, and effort. Many thanks go out to the Pacific Regional Outreach Group for pulling together and making this event a great success.

Rear Admiral Sam De Bow presents Mayor Mufi Hanneman with a NOAA Weather Radio.


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